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“My husband and I first met Peter and Pat Dicken in 1998 when they took over operation of the business “Valley Vines to Wines” in Mill Bay, BC. We have been loyal customers since that time and have nothing but praise and admiration for the owners and their management expertise. Peter and Pat are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products which they sell and we have always found that they are more than willing to impart that information to their customers. Peter, Pat and Valley Vines to Wines have become an integral and much appreciated part of this community. We would have no hesitation in recommending Valley Vines to Wines to anyone who is interested. We wish to add that we have recommended Valley Vines to Wines to our family and friends, most of whom have now become regular customers.”

– Norman and Gillian Wills ~ Mill Bay, BC

“I spent a number of years painfully making wine at home. I then tried several Wine making shops in Ontario. They were less frustrating than making it at home but it still was not great. We moved to Vancouver Island and I decided to try Valley Vines. I was very impressed by the scope of equipment and the professional approach they have towards making wine for you. I had never seen the opportunity to share an oak barrel before as an example. I have been a happy user for 6 years now and have yet to receive a batch I am not pleased with. Any questions that I had were answered professionally and knowledgeably. I had several failures when I was making wine on my own but none with Valley Vines to Wine.”

– Cam Magnan ~ Arbutus Ridge

“My husband Dave and I moved to Mill Bay from Toronto 10 years ago. We visited our local liquor store to see what wines were available. A lot were different from those on the shelves in Toronto, so we figured it would take a bit of trial and error to find ones we liked. And or course the sticker shock, with prices much higher than Ontario. Then neighbours invited us over for wine and served a very nice white, which of course we wanted to get the name of, and were very surprised to find they had made it themselves at Valley Vines to Wines right here in Mill Bay. Now we had friends back East who made their own wine as well as the wine available in the LCBO from Ontario vineyards, and hadn't found any that were to our liking at all, so our wines of choice had mainly been French and Italian. This couple said they made all their own wines, red and white and they were all great quality and great value for the money. Their only advice was to go with the 8 week kits, premium or better. We have now tried many of the different reds and whites, as well as the specialty wines, and have never been disappointed. It's great to have your own ''cellar'' to visit anytime you want.”

– Sue Simpson

“This text was received 5 hours after delivering a Traeger BBQ "Hey Peter, it's John, oh my god that was the best roast I have ever had. My daughter is not a meat eater and she loves it. We are going to enjoy this, thanks!!!!"”

– Traeger Grill

“Dear Peter and Pat Thanks so much for hosting the food and wine pairing event. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon...sipping and munching. Sommelier Tim Ellison's presentation on the nuances of tasting and evaluating wines and how they relate to food was interesting and informative yet delivered with such humour. It was nice to try some wines we don't normally rink. We will certainly take the time to stop and appreciate our wines more when pouring a glass at dinner. Enjoyed the event very much and kudos to the volunteers for their great service. Cheers Sue and Dave”

– Wine tasting and BBQ pairing

“A wonderful experience shared with my community. Peter and Pat have been a wealth of information and have gone out of their way to create a wine that matches my commercial favourites. they are so willing to share their knowledge and help in my early learning in wine. Lee-Ann”

– Wine and food pairing event

“This was a completely enjoyable surprise. I wasn't going to come to a wine tasting event, however i laughed thoroughly, got educated with wine making and food pairing. I would encourage everyone to experience this fantastic venue. I'll be back for sure. You have turned up my interest in wine tasting and wine making. Dan”

– Wine and Bbq event

“Great afternoon. Tim was a fantastic and knowledgeable narrator. I did learn some things from him through the laughter. I would do this again if the glasses were bigger. Gordon”

– Wine and BBQ pairing seminar

“Very enjoyable Sunday afternoon, entertaining and informative. Thank you very much for offering the workshop and I hope there will be more events like it soon! Nicole”

– Wine and BBQ Seminar

“I feel the quality of the wines I have made is exceptional. The prices are very reasonable. Steve”

– Steve

“So enjoyed this tasting seminar! Can't wait for the next event. We have always been very pleased with both the help and service that we have received when choosing a new kit to brew. Thanks for all the knowledge. Angela”

– Wine and BBQ event

“Valley Vines To Wines is a very professional experience and the results are wonderful! They have an extensive variety and know what they're talking about. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in their products. Thank You”

– Sheila Simpson

“I am new to valley Vines to Wines- with great thanks to my family has been with them for many years. I have made the ChileanSauvignon Blanc and bubbly and am extremely pleased with both. I think events like today reinforce the importance of the wine choice - not first the entre which adds tremendously to the joy of wine and food. Pauline”

– Wine and BBQ event

“Enjoyed the humour of Tim Ellison and learned a lot from his presentation. Greatly appreciated the preparation and wonderful tastes that Chef Bill Jones presented to us. Have been bottling wine for many years at VVW because of the quality, service and great personality of the owners. Tessa”

– Wine and BBQ event

“We love Valley Vines to Wines. Great community event. Robbin”

– Wine and BBQ event

“Very well paired food with wine. I have not been to any better. Food was fabulous. Nice venue as well. Ross”

– Wine and BBQ event

“Peter and Pat are always warm and welcoming. I like that I feel it is a personal experience when bottling. Today not many businesses recognize their clientele nor remember anything about them. That personal touch has kept me coming back.”

– Anne-Marie

“Great food with amazing wine choices! Interestingly presented by a knowledgeable wine expert and a great Chef. Wonderful way to spend an afternoon.Looking forward to the next one. Sandra”

– Wine and BBQ seminar

“We have been clients of Valley Vines to Wines for years. People ask us why we drive all the way to Mill Bay from Victoria. The quality of product and the care that goes into it's production, the knowledgeable service and wine discussions leads to our enjoyment, appreciation and wine knowledge.They can show other wines because theirs is so good”

– Roger B

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