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You asked, we answered

Have a question? Want to learn more about our store and policies? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular questions, accompanied by our thorough answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

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Why make your own wine?

Homemade wine is not something you just drink at home but something you can share with friends at a party or during a family gathering, plus, there’s plenty of benefits.

The Value
You can craft winery-quality wine for a fraction of what you would spend on similar store-bought wine.

It’s Fun!
Socialize with other winemakers while you bottle your wine at our store or craft your wine at home with a group of friends. You’ll meet new people, share your passion, and quickly realize why this has been a popular pastime for decades.

The Convenience
Have a cellar full of wine for every occasion and food pairing right at your fingertips. No more last minute trips to the liquor store!

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! We provide gift cards in any denomination for use on anything in store. We also carry a variety of items in our retail shop for gift giving.

How should I store my wine?

Here are some wine storage tips to ensure top-quality wine:

Store your wine upright for the first 3 to 5 days.
After that, store your wine on its side in order to keep the cork moist.
Store your wine in a cool, dark place.
Your wine should be stored where the temperature is CONSISTENT… Bright light, movement, and temperature fluctuations can negatively affect the quality of your wine.

Do Not:
Do not constantly turn your wine. Red wines will sometimes dust (leave residue on the inside of the bottle). This is normal. Simply decant your wine.
Do not store your wine directly on a cement floor. Put a thick piece of wood under your wine storage boxes.
Do not store your wine on heated floors.

Do you carry Traeger Grills in stock?

We aim to have all of the grills in stock so you can see and touch your grill before you buy. We offer a complete assembly, burn-in, and delivery for most areas of southern Vancouver Island or you can take your grill with you at the time of purchase.

Do you have Traeger brand pellets and accessories?

Yes! We carry the complete line-up of Traeger hardwood pellets, including Cherry, Pecan, Apple, Mesquite, Hickory, and Signature. We also carry the seasonal specialties when available, such as Turkey Blend.

We also carry all the hardware accessories to personalize your grill with the P.A.L. (Pop and Lock) system of front trays, hooks, roll racks, grill brushes, spatulas, Grill covers, etc..

Where can I get my Traeger grill serviced?

The first step, if you need help with your grill, is to call the Traeger customer service line (1-800-Traeger) from your cell phone, nearby your grill. They can walk you through troubleshooting and resolve many issues quickly. If they determine that your grill requires a technician then Valley Vines to Wines is a registered service center. 

Can I bag my wine instead of bottling it?

We have two styles of bags that hold the equivalent of 5 bottles each, you need 6 bags per batch. We also sell Wine Pokes so you can easily transport your wine to gatherings or keep it in your fridge, ready to go.

Do you offer sparkling wine?

You can make sparkling wine from any of our standard kits, just let us know when you start your batch. You will need sparkling wines bottles, not regular wine bottles. You can purchase them in our store or bring your own.

Can I bring someone with me to help bottle my wine?

Of course, but even better, you can form a group and share wine with each other to get more selection each time you bottle. A group of 3-5 is the ideal size for wine making.

Do you carry seasonings and brines in your store?

We have a great selection of popular brands of rubs, seasonings, brines, and sauces. Traeger, Meat Church, Whiskey Bent, Craig's, Rib Candy, and a local favourite, Triple Smoke.

Can I make wine for a special event?

You can make wine for a wedding, family reunion, anniversary party or any gathering. We also do customized labels to commemorate the occasion. Call the store or come in to discuss all of the available options.

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