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Make cleaning your Traeger wood pellet grill a breeze with these disposable aluminum liners for Traeger’s EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg. The Keg collects both grease and ash, so you can get rid of both in one easy step, and these disposable liners make it even easier since you can simply swap in a new one whenever the old one gets too full.


· Disposable liners for EZ-Clean Grease & Ash Keg

· Makes cleanup quick and easy

· Extra-large volume means more time between liner changes

· Lightweight, heat-resistant aluminum

· Comes in a pack of 5 liners

· Compatible with EZ-Clean Grease & Ash Keg

Use with Ironwood Canada, Ironwood XL, Timberline and Timberline XL

Grease and Ash Keg Liner 5 pack

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